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dIGitalynn is a professional services firm providing strategic consulting on information and communication technologies. Founded in 2018 by professionals who have worked for at least three generations of technology in multinational contexts, dIGitalynn takes its name from the desire to use its experiences at the service of digitization and innovation in Italy. 

We offer a wide range of services and we have a vision of the future which suggests that the value of the "Professional Service" be strongly re-emerged as an essential element for the diffusion and evolution of the digital culture whose technology is the enabling element. 

 We put at the center of our business the needs and habits of users who are customers of our customers, whose deep knowledge facilitates us in supporting companies in their digitalization processes, in expanding their offer portfolio, in creating networks and latest-generation information technology and telecommunications systems, in monitoring data and information security.

Our Team

Iolanda Giallonardo - Chief Managing Partner

Electronic engineer, expert in fixed and mobile networks and innovation technologies in both telecommunications and Information Technology, she gained twenty years of experience in Tier1 Companies in the Telecommunications and ICT industry. Qualified as an Engineer since 1999 and enrolled in the Register of Engineers of the Provincia di L'Aquila since 2004, she is an expert in IT and network services and System Integration, being able to boast a recognized and consolidated series of successes in the field of national and global agreements between technological suppliers, hardware and software integrators and ICT companies for the realization of complex projects for the construction, management and transformation of networks and operational processes of large telecommunications operators. She has carried out research projects in collaboration with the SSGRR (STET School of Education) and with the CSELT (Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni Torino). She was a lecturer in the post-lauream Specialization Course in Telecommunication Techniques and Economics at the University of Padova. 

Responsible at the Italian Training Center of Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, along the years 1999-2002 she carried out study, training and service delivery in the optimization of the radio mobile networks of Wind, TIM and H3G in Italy. From 2003 to 2008 she was an Account Manager at the Sales Department of Ericsson with first level responsibility on the activities of Network Services of the customer Wind Telecomunicazioni and from 2009 to 2011 she oversaw the commercial aspects of major projects for the transformation of operational processes of primary network operators in Italy: Wind, Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Fastweb. Since 2012 she has been Manager in charge of developing the Business Service Department of Huawei Technologies Italy and in 2016 she headed for the same Huawei the support team at the startup of the new Wholesale Open Fiber Operator. She has been awarded several international awards by the company Huawei Technologies Ltd. From 2017 she worked as a Key Account Director for the German manufacturer of fiber optic transport equipment, ADVA Optical Networking, while she founded in 2018 dIGitalynn, a professional consulting firm specialized in the digitization of public and private companies and the contribution to innovation and modernization of the Italian country.


Vincenzo Coculo - Associate Partner

Electronic engineer specialized in telecommunications, qualified for the profession and registered in the Register of Engineers of Latina since 1992. Expert in the sale of solutions for networks and telecommunications services, for fixed and mobile operators both nationally and internationally with responsibility towards different customers over different solutions: mobile networks, broadband, services and M2M platforms, VAS for corporate networks, voice and data, integration services, support and professional services. His main areas of expertise are software models and sales, contracts for network technology evolution, integration of new technologies and services, integration of management systems for O&M and legal applications. He worked n Ericsson since 1989 as a System Engineer with skills for the functions for billing, network reporting, packet services and VAS, he has taken care of the technical solutions for switching and VAS services for Telecom Italia, with particular relevance for the realization of the international voice network. Since 1995, with skills and experience in VAS applications for circuit networks, IP packets, ADSL / ADSL2 / VDSL broadband access, he was technical manager in Ericsson for commercial proposals addressing new operators, taking care of the analysis of customer requirements , network design and support systems, as well as preparation of RFQ technical answers and clarifications with experience in end-to-end network solutions, including Charging, O&M and Billing systems. In 1999 he joined Ericsson's Sales Department as an Account Manager for OLO (Other Licensed Operators), responsible for the customer relationship, for the customer satisfaction sales objectives for BT Italia (Albacom) Tele2 and Tiscali. He was appointed Director of Ericsson in 2001 and from 2006 became Commercial Manager of the Mobile Access and OSS area for the Wind customer, taking care of the commercial proposition of important orders for the supply of technology for Mobile access 2G, 3G, LTE and OSS, WDM Transport. Since 2016 he has worked as a freelancer and in this capacity he has taken care of the presale aspects with responsibility for analyzing technical and contractual documentation of tender procedures initiated by private and public companies, price analysis and market evaluations. He has worked on the study of IOT applications for the market of public service operators and private industry, development of use cases and definition of customer requirements. He also gained experience in Customer Operations for the supervision of customer satisfaction, development of operational implementation plans and monitoring of sales.

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Roberto Piermarini - Associate Partner

Electronic engineer, expert in planning and engineering of fixed and mobile access networks. Qualified as an Engineer and enrolled in the Register of Engineers of the Province of Pescara since 1985, he is an expert in solutions projects for the implementation of telecommunications networks and IT systems for the marketing of innovative connectivity services, with very high specialization in the comparison between multi-technology solutions and technical vision of problems related to the development and implementation of future technologies. For many years he has been a teaching researcher at the SSGRR, STET Training School, he has been responsible for TIM sites for Central Italy during the development of the TACS and GSM networks and Manager responsible for Wind network engineering since the date of Company startup up to 2007. For over ten years he has been a freelancer and in this capacity he has taken care of the technical-economic aspects of Italian projects of primary importance for different companies in the Telco sector, dealing, among others, with issues related to convergence fixed-mobile, new NGN technologies and business scenarios for emerging and developing ICT Operators and Companies.

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Giuseppe Tofani - Senior Consultant

IT expert, he achieved several certifications on high-speed data distribution systems. Giuseppe was mainly involved in the realization of projects and software products, technical design, specialized consulting in the field of IT services, integration of complex mission-critical systems related to telecommunications, document sharing, data security, industrial logistics and mobile devices. He began his career in 1988, engaging in software development projects applied to various industries, including pharmaceutical, for the management of medical studies, medical records, prescription drugs. In the years 1997-1998 he was involved in several development projects for Public Administration Bodies (INPDAP, INAIL), continuing his career as a developer and system administrator in the Telecommunications and Banking / Insurance sectors. In 2000 he was Project Leader for the development and sale to AGI and Adkronos press agencies of an important software product for the distribution of data via satellite channel. Since 2003 he has started his activity for the new mobile operator H3G, taking care of the integration between the components of the messaging system (SMS, MMS, Mail) and the real-time billing system, while in the years 2004-2005 he supported at different levels the realization of offers and solutions for Telecom SpA. Since 2006 he started his collaboration on several projects for Poste Italiane, first in Quality, Research and Development, then for the realization of the PosteMobile platform, up to the creation of products with qualified signatures and digital delivery. For over ten years he has been Technical Director of Computer Companies, contributing to the offer and realization of products and Web solutions, client / server and mobile based on RFID / Barcode technology, on Microsoft .NET architectures (C ++, C #, ASP.NET ) and Java (J2EE), on HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, Cordova / PhoneGap / Ionic technologies, on Publish / Subscribe protocols, WebSocket and Web Services, on Google AppEngine platform and related services. He was co-founder and technical director of the startup Fiscalbox, whose object is the provision of tax services in the Cloud. 

 Giuseppe cooperates with dIGitalynn Company in the IT Security Service Unit for Web file sharing and client synchronization projects.

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