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Increase your Business

We build strategies to step into the Telco / ICT Industry for companies having business models already consolidated in different markets and wishing to enlarge their offer.

Introduction of new services in the offer portfolio, Vendor Strategy, qualification procedures for suppliers, Business Plan, support to the marketing and sale of new ICT products / services.

Qualitative and quantitative identification of applicable synergies within your Company, analysis of technological, organizational and strategic opportunities, complete business plan including expectations for return of investment, customer relationship management, identification of skills and operational and business management processes, support for the creation of new organizational units and release of the recommendations for the development of the new business segment are the methodological steps we take to guide the client towards diversification of its business.

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The strategic and technological consultancy for the Digital Transformation that we provide is based on a technical and commercial competence of the Industry Telco / ICT but extends to the fiscal, regulatory, legal domains, through our ability to work in cooperation with qualified partners in specific sectors and grant to our customer a single interface releasing a complete 360 ​​degrees solution.

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