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dIGitalynn arises from the idea of ​​providing specific skills on a wide range of IT and telecommunications services, but it is strongly motivated by the belief that the effectiveness of consulting is based on the ability to provide all-round solutions. For this reason, dIGitalynn is constantly committed to keeping several partnerships with companies having in their core business similar or complementary issues than dIGitalynn itself has, in order to support customers along all the ICT value chain.

We believe we can do a good job dealing with complex problems with a structured methodology based on our skills and on those of our partners and guaranteeing you a single interface.

We build network solutions and select technologies

We work in compliance with the regulations

We have signed teaming agreements with companies specialized in the management of Italian and international regulatory bodies so as not to lose sight of the regulatory aspects of our work

We know the procedures for access to get license for marketing and providing telecommunications services, the rules to get authorization for the construction of networks, the constraints about the acquisition, storage and protection of sensitive data

We are able to be your reference interface fo all those issues related to regulatory management and associated with the technical / operational activity of the ICT market, the dialogue between private companies and institutions, the promotion of added value initiatives for digital transformation of the country

We transform business processes

We have a unique experience in the design of operating models for the construction and management of telecommunications and IT networks, gained through an intense activity of our partners in large outsourcing projects of Telco operators of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, large IT departments, sales of business units, integration of companies, merger & acquisitions

We know the main standards regulating the management of digital networks and services: eTOM, ITIL, ITSM and we are joining to our staff some certified resources security management processes.

We have tested a structured methodology for the management of suppliers, both in operational and in negotiation terms, and we have a high value experience in writing and interpreting documents for both public and private selection procedures.

We increase your business

We have consolidated experience in marketing, sales, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategy and CRM for business development of Telco / ICT products and solutions and telecommunications services

We know the market trends, the positioning of technologies, the price trends even for very complex solutions. We put into practice the knowledge sharing technique acquired in global and multicultural environments and we build our clients' market strategies based on already consolidated practices.

We support the launch of new products and services both for consolidated companies and for startups and we are standardizing the "Marketing & Sales on Demand" service, to provide our customers with a flexible, rapid and high-value tool for the development of their business

We are experts in architecture and technology of both fixed and mobile networks used either by Telco operators or large enterprise companies.

We have engineering skills on the SDH and WDM transmission networks, on 3G, 4G, 5G mobile access networks, on fixed access networks in copper and optical fiber ADSL / VDSL / FTTH, on wireless fixed access networks, on backhauling networks, subways and cores on Ethernet and / or MPLS technology.

We know the architecture and technologies for the design of ICT services used by telecommunications operators, large companies, SMEs and central and local administration.

Each of our firm's Partners worked for decades within best-in-class business companies in the BSS / OSS systems to support the Telco services business and followed the evolution of these technologies towards virtualization (SDN, NFV, (*) aaS)

We put into practice the most advanced methods to develop our business, through the creation and maintenance of a database of contents and successful practices learned from our customers, which provide us with a highly visible observatory on the trends of the ICT market.

Thanks to the cooperation with prestigious University Institutes, with the main Orders of Engineers, to the research activity that our Partners carry out and promote within the firm, we are constantly updated on the evolution of new technologies, with particular reference to the fifth services generation: solutions (*) aaS, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, AR, AI, Smart City

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