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We help our customers to choose the best connectivity solution for their needs

We have designed and standardized a structured methodology to perform connectivity analysis, optimize the availability of services and design alternative solutions for mobile coverage.

We have worked directly for some local authorities to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide by the resolution of connectivity problems mainly related to the low interest of telecommunications operators to invest in areas of market failure to guarantee innovative services.


Thanks to our knowledge even of the old-generation radio-mobile technologies, we are able to provide several services mainly addressing geographically disadvantaged organizations and companies:


  • Technological audits

  • Performance analysis of both fixed and mobile networks

  • Local supervision and site survey

  • Connectivity resources dimensioning

  • Management of relationships with operators of fixed and mobile networks

  • Consultancy on special coverage solutions


By the cooperation with exclusive partners, we are also able to manage all the issues related to regulatory and institutional, legal, tax and tax affairs, assisting our customers at 360 degrees.

Service Unit


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