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We help our customers to have a modern, updated and secure ICT infrastructure

We have an in-depth knowledge of  information and telecommunication systems and we offer complete support on the most innovative technological solutions aimed to facilitate our customers entering into the Industry 4.0.

We are able to design and implement "tailor-made" digital systems matching specific organizational models and business needs, in order to maximize the efficiency of operating activities and to give greater flexibility to the services offered.

We select, compare, assemble and integrate different technological solutions in our projects, enabling innovation in the four directions of digital technology development: data use (Open Data, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing), data correlation ( Analytics), human-machine interaction (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality), the transition from virtual to real (Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, Robotics).

We select, assemble, integrate different technologies in our projects to ensure the customer a final solution in line with their expectations of functionality and that respects the legacy of the systems already in house taking into account the investments already dealt with.

We have tested the effectiveness of our services in the banking-insurance sector, by venturing into the project of creating a customer database accessible from different devices, with the primary objective of improving the efficiency of the services offered, but with a careful look already at the future application of data usage as assets for further business development.

In this context we offer the following services:

  • Audit on Digital Readiness

  • Design of innovative solutions in line with Industry 4.0 requirements

  • Adaptation projects for information systems

  • Development of dedicated APPs

  • Special innovation projects on remote environmental control, warehouse automation, electronic invoicing

  • Specialized technical training

  • Project Management

By the cooperation with exclusive partners, we are also able to manage all the issues related to regulatory and institutional, legal, tax and tax affairs, assisting our customers at 360 degrees.

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