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Smart City

We help our customers to break in the Industry of innovative services

During their prestigious career path, our Partners have been the opportunity to appreciate the potential either of service companies belonging to the IT and telecommunications industry or large Utilities, both candidate categories to leverage on some synergies of systems, processes, organization and skills to extend their business to the provision of services to the citizen and contribute to the modernization of our cities and turning into Smart City.

We have supported very important brands in the field of public services and we have used our valuable experience to standardize a methodology for developing strategic plans for the introduction of innovative services.

Our technical skills on 5G, fiber optic networks and the Internet of Things allow us to offer our customers the following services:


  • Market analysis on the demand and supply of Smart City services

  • Identification of targets for innovative services

  • Investment plans

  • Program and Project Management for the management of complex projects for the development of passive and active enabling networks

  • Technical support for the comparison and selection of technological solutions available on the Industry

  • Definition of network creation, management and maintenance processes

  • Relationship management with partners, suppliers and customers

  • Technical training on Smart City services


By the cooperation with exclusive partners, we are also able to manage all the issues related to regulatory and institutional, legal, tax and tax affairs, assisting our customers at 360 degrees.

Service Unit


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