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We work with the main architects of the construction of new generation fixed networks

We have worked directly for the definition and implementation of Ultra Broadband networks in Italy, experiencing first hand the point of view both of the supplier of equipment and the network/service operator, and last that one no less important of the integrator.

Through close cooperation with our Partners, we have participated in the formulation of the national UBB plan and we still provide our services to many telecommunications operators both nationally and locally.

We have used our expertise to serve one of the most important new generation Italian fixed network operators, in its delicate startup phase, both for the definition of the strategic plan for the development of ultra-broadband, and for the development of the first sites, both for the construction and management of the network/service operation center, and for the definition and design of one of the most modern optical fiber transport networks.

Thanks to our technical and engineering background and our knowledge of FTTx access technologies, we are able to provide the following services in this area:

  • Strategic planning of FTTx fiber-optic networks

  • Program and Project Management for complex projects for the construction of ultra broadband access networks, both fixed and mobile

  • Technical support for the comparison and selection of technological solutions available on the market Definition of network creation, management and maintenance processes

  • Development and integration of process support systems

  • Relationship management with partners, suppliers and customers

  • Technical training on all technologies related to the Ultra-Broadband (optical fibers, OTN and WDM networks of new generation, new generation SDH, Frame Relay and ATM, FTTx architectures, GPON technology)


By the cooperation with exclusive partners, we are also able to manage all the issues related to regulatory and institutional, legal, tax and tax affairs, assisting our customers at 360 degrees.

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